TestimonialsLetraset has many devotees in the design world. Here are some examples of assorted professionals and students with positive things to say about our products...

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1. "I had started to paint with markers with Tria Markers, and I don´t wanna use another markers. I feel very inspire with this marked and love the way that colors stay on paper.
I´m consider myself an ambassador of the brand among my friends because I always recommend the Letraset pens to them."
Tânia, Portugal
2. "I have bought several Tria Markers. Its unique 3 nib design is very useful. The ultra-fine nib is good for the details of the painting. I even do not need to use the colored pencil anymore. The brush is easy for large-area paint. The paper will not be damaged after being painted over and over. "
Linn, Shanghai
3. "There are understandably many testimonials for pro-markers - I love mine but I am writing to share my FAVOURITE craft tool - the hot foil impressions machine - It is my desert island (if there was electricity on my desert island) must have. Since getting this machine my cards have been in much more demand, they look more professionalthe only trouble is I want to foil everything!!! The foils are beautiful, easy to use and give an outstanding finish. What did I ever do without this fabulous machine."
Foil-tastic, Goole
4. "I'm really satisfied with the support that they gave me!

The italian postal service have lost my package. Letraset's support team provided me a voucher that totally covered my loss.

I will definitely buy again from this company!"
Sonia, Modena, Italy
5. "When I first tried the Promarkers was really an experiment, but once I did, it was forever love! They are amazing markers at an great price! And the fact that you can use them for everything basically makes all the penny you spend on them more than worthy.

What most makes me melt over them is the fact that I can color now my own drawings and others, and to see people looking at me not believing that was hand colored. My crafting got upgraded like a million points with these markers ;) and my cards look more cool and professional with them.

Promarkers shall be something that I will recommend to everyone that wishes to try coloring.

So a big thanks to Letraset for them. "
Andreia , Madeira - Portugal
6. "Best marker I've used. You get a great marker for a good price. I will continue to collect them until I got the whole set! Love the wide colour range. Too bad you cant refill them..."
Jens (The Pro Marker), Sweden
7. "I have a fabulous set of around 40 Promarkers and 12 Flexmarkers. I love drawing comics and manga with them and the streak-less color set down by the markers never fails to blow my peers away. "You printed that!!" "You painted that!!" "I can't do that with Crayolas!" I never thought that I'd own alcohol-based markers, due to the fact that Copics were so expensive and did not know that there were other alternatives. Letraset's markers are not only cheaper, but just as good, if not better, than Copics! I have recommended the markers to my fellow artists in my school's Art Club; those who have bought some only exult over them!"
Sandra, USA
8. "Where do i start, promarkers are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! They make my cards look so professional, ive had quite a few problems with the ultra fine nibs (not working after a couple uses, and damaging the end of my pens) but that was made better by an email from letraset to say i had won £20 just for giving a review :) i am so over the moon with my pens i have a a few of the aqua markers aswel and they go great with the promarkers. Thank you so much letraset for sharing these awsome pens, i dont know what i would do without them."
kylie - (PrOmArKeR mAd), TORQUAY, DEVON, UK
9. "Very please with my promarker purchase,great product, just love them and shipping was not that long to the US!"
Mildred, Ulster Park New York
10. "I initially bought a set of six Promarkers in pastel shades for myself, just to try as it is years since I used to draw and I wanted to kickstart my hobby again. After watching various video tutorials on how to get the best from them I was so impressed I purchased several sets for my daughter as a Christmas gift as she enjoys rubber stamping. I also bought Aquamarkers for my sister to use for both fine art and card making. She was equally delighted with her gift. As I was given some money for Christmas I decided to use it to expand my own collection (which had grown from six to fourteen markers) and I now have a collection of fifty five - forty four Promarkers and eleven Flexmarkers. From my own experimentation with the markers you now have three very happy customers. Also impressed that they are manufactured in the UK. Keep up the excellent work. "
Van, UK
11. "As always my promarkers are a god send to my crafting :) i love the way they make my stamps look like a professional has coloured them, i always get good comments :) i decided to give the ultra fine nibs a try, i put them on as soon as they arrived and thought wow that will make colouring the small spaces alot easier. i don't use my pens all that often so when i went to use them for about the fourth time most of them had stopped working!!! I had a look on the net and someone said to try attaching them to my blender pen but they just don't seem to be sucking up the ink!! So weather they r ment to be taken off every time u don't use them i don't know but i think that's kind of pointless and an expensive way of being able to colour better. So im giving a thumbs down for the nibs but a massive thumbs up for the pens."
kylie (a mixture of happy and sad), Torquay, devon, england
12. "I have a a large amount of Promarkers, and the colour and quality is unbeatable. The range of colours is amazing, and they just last and last and last! I have yet to replace a markerand the prices are very reasonable."
Evelyn, Ireland
13. "Products from Letraset really do the trick when it comes to colouring, I am a fashion illustrator and i find it handy how they have different skin colour sets and limited edition sets. I've had my promarkers for about a month and they have really improved my illustrations as well as made them look professional. They are amazing quality but they run out quickly which is sad, so i'm here to buy my next set (:"
Lauren Williams , London
14. "I love my markers wish I had more and the nibs I just got are the best for getting in those very small spots :) "
Sandi R, Chino Hills, CA
15. "I have always used Pro Markers to colour in my Cards. The colours are amazing and very easy to mix.. Well done you have excelled with the Autumn colours. Can't wait to see next years additions. Keep up the good work.
Patsy Court"
Patricia M Court, Evesham
16. "Promarkers are the very best! My brother and I love them. The closest art store to us that carries them is about 2 hours away in Santa Cruz, so we buy at least one each time we go down there. They blend smoothly, they are very crisp, and they can be layered to create even more colors.
He told me today that he wants nothing but Promarkers for his birthday, so I went and ordered some right away!"
Laurel, Oakland, California, USA
17. "Promarkers have changed my life, it's like being a kid again! I am constantly looking for excuses to get my "felt tips" out and start drawing and colouring in. I am often housebound due to spinal injuries and using my Promarkers is very theraputic the professional results mean that I can sell my cards and coloured images giving me a small income to supoort my "Promarker habit"."
Amanda Amson, St Helens, United Kingdom
18. "I am really surprised how awesome promarkers are. They blending so well, and I created beautiful shades with them. Promarkers are number one for me."
Erika, Slovakia
19. "I love the fineliners.
Whenever stampinglines need to be thicker I use one of de fineliners and still can color the stamped image with my promarkers."
Kitty, The Netherlands
20. "I got my new 2013 spring summer limited edition promarkers and love them. They fill in some holes in my color chart and are adding more depth to my projects. I highly recommend them if you are thinking about getting them to get them while you can. I love all my letraset products and hope they keep adding the the color range ."
Barbara, ON Canada
21. "I just received my Promarkers a few days ago. First of all, regarding the shipment. The service was really fast. I received the package so fast, that when I went to the Post Office I didn´t even imagine it would be my markers.Everything came packed in a very safe manner that prevented any possible damage on the product. About the Promarkers. They are incredible. In terms of size, they have the perfect size for any type of hand. I like them as much as my 12 year old nephew (I´m 28). The ink: the colours blend really well together and the range of colours offered let you achieve any result you can imagine. Letraset was kind enough to send some ultra-fine nibs along with the markers I ordered and this proved really handy for the tiniest details. Also the way you attach and detach the nib couldn´t be more user friendly. You can also notice that Letraset thought about the artist when they produced these markers. Each cap has a tiny little dent that prevents them from rolling off the table and that is extremely helpful, specially if you are one of those people that after colouring for 5 minutes has the markers completely unorganized and all over the table.All in all I´m really happy with the Promarkers and I would recommend them to both beginner and advanced artists.10/10"
Hugo , Prague
22. "I think that promarker a are the best thing since sliced bread. I am disabled and being able to colour has given me a new leese of life. I am even designing an ebook to help people learn to colour with promarkers. With tutorials hints and tips. I have tried other pens on the market but I always come back to my trusty promarkers. They blend beautifully and the colours are great. I would be lost with out them lol. Thank you letraset for inventing them :0) x"
Donna Jerrett of facebooks Donna-Marie's cards and promarker tutorials, Wiltshire ba128ly
23. "As a advanced hobbyist I find ProMarkers and FlexMarkers best suitable for me when coloring in traditional means, they are my favourites. These markers have great pigment, rather large scale of colours and tones. They blend easily and can be combined with other products, like ink or plain pencils for unique final result.
For the first time I decided to order these markers via Letraset webshop, I was really pleasantly surprised that my order was shipped the same day I ordered them and they arrived just two (2) days later! Wonderful I must say.
Price of these products are also perfect, they are affordable and worth paying for."
Laura, Finland
24. "I am quite new at colouring digi images and have just started with your colouring pens some Promarkers and some Flexi and I have to say I love them the colours and quality also cost are excellent so thank you"
Jean confused......., England
25. "Another happy and successful weekend colouring with my Promarkers, I think I have all that I need and then you come up with new colours, and the wallets are brilliant much easier to find the colour you want."
Cath, Christchurch, New Zealand
26. "I love letraset markers, i use them for all sorts- journalling, mixed media, drawing, etc. You can read bout a review i did on letraset pro markers here on my creative blog: http://www.theartsycraftsy.com/2013/05/letraset-pro-markers.html"
Shia Lynn, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27. "Tria's are the only markers you'll ever need!"
Inside My Brain, www.insidemybrain.co.uk
28. "I have always enjoyed colouring but was never satisfied with the finished product but wow! with Promarkers the finished product looks so great I love it, Thanks Letreset"
Cath, Christchurch, New Zealand
29. "I've been using promarkers for a while now and think they're brill. They give a very professional finish and are very easy to use and blend. "
happy customer, uk
30. "Promarkers have made a huge difference to my crafting. I have had so many people who cannot believe that I have "coloured in" some of the images as they look like they have been professionally printed out, the finished result is that good.

I am in severe pain most days and I find that I can lose myself stamping out and colouring in a picture, and for a few hours my pain is forgotten about, absolute heaven.

I am now collecting the aqua markers which are just as good and work well along side my promarkers.

Keep up the good work Letraset"
nanny deb, UK
31. "I'm very content! I draw quite a bit, and I use a mix of promarkers and flexmarkers, and my results are always great! The ink blends very well when using the right techniques, and the colors are very vibrant and crisp, while the softer pastel colors are beautiful. The nibs on the flexmarkers are very neat, with their small points, which is great for getting into small areas. I definitely recommend promarkers and flexmarkers, they're honestly a staple in my art stash!"
Mimi, USA
32. "I just tested the new Aqumarker and combined them with Metallic Marker to find new ways for graphic recording and visual facilitating. The result - just great. You can visualize fast, the colours dry fast - quite the most important criteria for markers, used in visualization jobs. Next week - I will use them first time, in Barcelona. I higly recommend the mentioned markers!!"
Daniel Osterwalder, Bern, Switzerland
33. "I would highly recommend Letraset - good products with prompt delivery. One of the markers in my son's Tria Marker set was cracked. It was replaced with no fuss! I have ordered further products since and got the same professional service. "
Karen, Deeside
34. "Very good service and good products....what more can you ask for? I bought 2 packs of flex markers and they are the best thing for designing with ( wouldn't be without them )"
Scott , UK
35. "My ProMarkers are perfect for my conceptual designs for architecture! They look just that little bit more professional and classy. I am the envy of the rest of my design class! "
Stephanie, Turramurra
36. "You guys are the PROS when it comes to ProMarkers!!! Love the gorgeous colors and they are so easy to use. Now, I just need to practice coloring skin tones so I'm off to watch the video that you generously have provided. THANKS!"
Claire Spielman, United States
37. "I would just like to say thanks for such great service. I ordered some ProMarkers on 14/1/13 about 1pm & have just received them - 16/1/13 at 1.30 - fantastic. Thanks for such a great product too."
Bev, Sheffield, UK
38. "Les tria ainsi que les flexmarker et les promarker m'ont ouvert une nouvelle porte sur l'imagination et la création. L'avantage de vos produits est qu'ils combinent l'aspect détaillé d'un simple crayon de papier au bonheur d'utiliser les couleurs ( comme en peinture) ! Un bon compromis, un excellent rapport qualité-prix. En conclusion Letraset m'a changé la vie et marque le début d'une nouvelle aire dans ma façon de travailler. Merci, sincèrement.

The tria and the flexmarker Promarker and have opened a new door to the imagination and creation. The advantage of your products is that they combine the appearance of a single detailed pencil happiness to use colors (as in painting)! A good compromise, a good value. In conclusion Letraset has changed my life and the beginning of a new era in the way I work. Thank you, sincerely."
Damien, France
39. "I have used Promarkers and Flexmarkers as a colouring medium for my crafting for a few years now and have always been happy with the results. Recently my husband bought me a set of Tria markers, and I have to say I'm delighted with them! He bought the Fashion Design set, which has a good range of colours, both brights and pastels. The markers are good quality, the ink flows well, and they have the advantage of 3 nibs and replaceable ink barrels. Along with my other markers, the Tria markers are becoming favourites of mine for colouring images for crafting."
Michelle, France
40. "Promarkers are absolutely fab, it's like being a kid all over again discovering your love of colouring in. With such even coverage and blending; professional results are easy to achieve and are essential to my craft business."
Amanda Amson, Merseyside, UK
41. "I am a watercolour painter and I always take my Aquamarkers with me when I travel as they easy and give such a great finish. But I have recently discovered using Flex & Pro Markers on a non-absorbent synthetic plastic paper and the results are phenominal!"
pas-craft , Coventry
42. "Promarkers are amazing! I use my promarkers everyday in my work and I love the vivid colour I get from them. They are also a lot cheaper than your average design marker but the quality is just as good if not better.

The website is really easy to use and orders are processed fast.

I really have nothing but kind words for Letraset, so thank you! :)"
Daniel, Bristol
43. "It is just few months that I have discovered ProMarkers and I am already addicted to them. I love wide range of colours and the best thing is that I can colour anything: paper, ceramics and polymer clay... I must have all of them!!!"
Made by Nalin, Slovenia
44. "I absolutely love my promarkers, aqua markers & metallic markers. I've got 92 now! I recently introduced 2 friends to them and they are hooked on them now. (one is studying art and loves them for blending & shading) thank you letraset"
val, bristol
45. "ProMarkers are the only marker I will use. I drive 65 miles to purchase but are worth the drive. I have tried many other brands but nothing compare to the quality and ease of promarkers. I sell my cards I make with promarkers and even my customers can tell if I switch a marker and request the vivid color and sheen of a promarker. I have done artwork all my life and I saw the quality of use on Jak Heath's blog. Thank you Jak for getting me onto promarkers!"
marcie s, cambridge minnesota
46. "J'ai 121 Promarker et j'en suis hyper contente.. J'ai rajouté à ma liste de voeux les marqueurs métalliques et ceux de la série hiver. J'adore les couleurs et les mélanges qu'ils permettent de faire. Je ne cesse de progresser et c'est encourageant. J'ai un oeil sur les Aquamarker et Flexmarker dont j'ai eu un échantillon gratuit. Il faudra que je prévois plus de place pour le stockage !"
47. "I am delighted with the winter set of Pro Markers. These are the same high quality as all other Letraset products I have
I was very pleased to see the additional colours in the Aqua Markers I will be ordering to add to my others to complete the set."
Zoemay, Australia
48. "I have been using Promarkers for a few years now and recently have collected the whole set. The pens really bring your work to life. I use them for colouring my stamp images, they really are useful for shading and the use of strong colouring. These are well worth recommending and using!"
Claire, Merseyside
49. "Pro markers are absolutely the most useful art product I have ever bought - if only I'd had these when I was at art college many moons ago"
Amanda, UK
50. "I relied on these markers when I was a student, they made alot of my work pages come alive.
when I graduated the markers went in my loft for a few years,
During my travels in the US i started to sketch again, and once i came back while job hunting I digged out the pens and they worked like they were brand new, apart from the fading labels. I slowly wanted to explore more and more combinations so I went online and ordered more, with the price being reasonable and the amount of choices, it was like a kid in a sweet shop again,

Without realizing it i have built up a collection of over 45 pro markers and a few more fineliners pens.

I don't consider myself as a pro at drawing, but it is defiantly a good hobbie of mine :)"
Yu Ting, Newport
51. "I bought a few 12 packs of pro markers quite some time ago. After trying a few other popular brands as well I always find myself coming back to my pro markers.
They blend so easily for me who is a total novice for colouring with alcohol markers. Of course I love the fact that my favourite markers to use (my pro markers) are also about half the price of the other brands so I was able to afford a larger selection of them.
Now that I have tried them all and found these to be my favourite I just have to keep saving my pennies to continue to add the other colours to my collection. I'm also looking forward to adding some Ultrafine nibs and some flex markers to it as well.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!"
Darla, NS, Canada
52. "ProMarkers are incredible. Now and then I do some voluntary arts and craft work at residential homes - ProMarkers are very easy for residents to hold and produce good results - perfect!
Thank you x"
Bouncee , Teignmouth, Devon, UK
53. "I just looooove my promarkers. Ive got 71 and also 6 metallic markers, 12 aqua markers & 6 flexmarkers! When i use them for coloring people say they dont look hand coloured they give such a professional finish. Thank you Letraset i dont know how we manged without them !!"
very happy val, bristol uk
54. "Complete the pro makers and wow They are all lovely colours all 148 are very good to use and to blend "
Catherine, Dublin Ireland
55. "Almost have the Pro marker collection and I love using them as they are fab and now I can create lovely tapestries and cards can't wait to get stuck in and Letraset are the best all the time"
Catherine, Ireland
56. "As a cardmaker, I would not be without LetraTac. Clean and economical it is far superior to any other adhesive for adding papers to card stock, matting and layering, ensuring a professional finish every time. The large A3 pad lasts for ages, and every last centimetere can be utiised. This is a 'must-have' product for every card-maker or scrap-booker!"
AnnieS, UK
57. "J'utilisais déjà les produits Letraset dans les années 1970, travaillant chez un architecte. Récemment, je me suis découvert une passion pour les cartes et le scrapbooking, et en quelques 12 mois, j'ai acheté une centaine de promarkers ; totalement accro je ne résiste pas aux nouvelles séries, j'adore les couleurs et leur rendu, et j'apprécie grandement la pointe fine qui permet d'exceller dans les détails. Je sens que je vais me laisser tenter par les aqua et les flex, car j'y trouve aussi de très jolies couleurs.
58. "When I started college we were told we would need to buy pro markers and aqua markers for fashion illustrations. I loved the different colours so bought a manga set and that finally gave me the confidence to draw and do so well!!"
Charlotte, London, UK
59. "I find that the Promakers are brilliant and good for blending the colours and using the blender, which is also good. I love them as I colour in a lot for card making and colouring in images for my tapestry work, they are all good as I have 127 promarkers"
Catherine, Dublin Ireland
60. "I have some Promarkers and some Aqua markers, that I use for my card making. I would tell all my crafters friends to get them as they are great. "
Jo, London UK
61. "I love my ProMarkers! I am an avid stamper and make my own cards. I use these markers to color in the designs. The price compared to other alcohol based markers is so reasonable. As much as I use them, I have never run out of a color, yet. They are easy to blend and do not require a special technique to color with them like other markers. They are the best! Don't know why everyone else is not using them."
Corie888, Diamond Bar, CA, USA
62. "I started using Promarkers after I saw them being used on Jak Heaths blog. I bought a few to try and have slowly been building up my collection, I think they are an excellent investment as when you have mastered them the end results that can be achieved are stunning.
I think once I complete my Promarker collection I am going to have to try the Flexmarkers!
Well done Letraset!"
Laurian, Oldham
63. "I have been a fan of Letraset products since my father invented the first of them in the early 1960's. As an art student, I used Letraset products throughout my graphic design degree course - and I haven't stopped doing so ever since!"
Genevieve, Washington Village, UK
64. "While studying arts and crafts in high school I have to admit I had my troubles mastering the variety of graphic techniques in expressing my ideas, so starting a BA in graphic and product design had me struggling to find the best way to show on paper the never ending flow of ideas in my head. I managed some time using watercolours but it still didn’t feel good enough. Until I got my first few ProMarkers. Because I never had anything like them before, again it took me some time to experiment with all the colours, combinations, blends and details it allowed me to do. But once I got it right, there was no stopping. Even today it feels like some of my ideas would never be put on paper or shown to others if I could not use Letraset Markers to draw them. Since my first ProMarker sets (that I purchased at small arts supply shop) I tried almost every Letraset product I could get my hands on and the least I can say is that they are all the most suitable for my work. I never found any better way to draw colourful product ideas than using markers, probably allowing me to do smooth shape renderings is what makes the trick for me. I found Letraset products (especially markers) to be very good quality and affordable tools as a student, I keep using them today as a designer and I most certainly will use them in all my work as much as I can in the future."
Angela Stefania, Heidelberg, Germany
65. "As a young artist I don't have a lot of money to buy top-of-the-range art supplies. When I was in my local art shop, I saw ProMarkers, and bought a couple to test them out. I was honestly THRILLED with them! They aren't overly expensive and I can buy a bunch at a time, unlike certain other brands. I love how they don't streak, and how you can overlay them, it's a really nice feature that helps when colouring big areas or shading. I will continue to use ProMarkers for as long as I can, as they are the best art product I own, and are great for anything you might need markers for. I personally use them for art, but anything else works! I recommend these to all of my artist friends, and some of them have even purchased ProMarkers with a similar reaction."
Hannah Morrison-Wood, England
66. "I went to college at Iowa State University about 30 years ago and I bought the Letraset pantone markers with the airmarker system to work on graphic design projects. I was amazed when I pulled out a red marker and it still works. It has not dried out and I have lived in the desert for 15 years. How phenominal is that?"
Jan, Caifornia
67. "I just received a small set of ProMarker, FlexMarker, Limited Colors, and small Tria Grayscale Marker set. They are great! My favorite by far are the Tria markers. The ability to have such variety in one marker is perfect! You should definitely keep these around!"
Joleen, Fairfield
68. "I find Pro-markers to be extremely versatile with my card-making and are the best thing I have found to use in rubber stamping.!!"
Carol Tyson, UK
69. "Last weekend I tried flexmarkers for the first tin´me, and WOW, I HAVE TO HAVE THEM....."
Karianne, Sauda
70. "Wow! these pens do exactly as they say, you need to try to believe - no unsightly streaks any more they blend and colour beautifully, thanks for a fab product."
71. "Erfolg und Luxus der Wahl!
Marishka, http://marishka-hm.blogspot.de/
72. "I have tried all sorts of pens and pencils to colour images but was never satisfied with the results until one day I was introduced to PROMARKERS . I couldn't believe it suddenly the images sprang to life and full of vibrant colours which I failed to achieve before. I have been steadily building my collection and love using my promarkers. The results you get are amazing would highly recommend this product as I have been to all my friends who had doubts but changed their mind when they saw my work. "
Rizwana Farooq-Hassan, United Kingdom
73. "I was given a set of pro markers for my birthday last year, I have to say its the best present, perfect for rubber stamping. I LOVE them I can't stop using them. They are so versatile, and always give a professional finish. Thanks letraset. X"
Stephanie Marchant, Radcliffe, Manchester, UK
74. "I had never used markers seriously before and, frankly, didn't know much about them. I happened to win a starter set of 12 ProMarkers and became hooked on their ease of use and fantastic results. I went on to buy several more sets. I have to say, "I want them all," and I am working toward that goal. Thank you Letraset for such a fantastic and affordable product!!!"
Cheryl Winget, USA
75. "A friend of mine got me promarkers for Christmas, and I fell in love wiith them instantly. The colors are smooth and consistant, giving fantastic results. My favorite part is how I can shade skin and other things so effortlessly even if I only have one shade of a color. "
Kanzee, Norway
76. "I absolutely LOVE using Flexmarkers. They have an incredible translucent quality which allows the artist to add layer upon layer of colour. The blending is seamless and the colour combinations that can be achieved are limited only by the imagination of the user. Having a brush tip adds to the softness of the blend and the pinpoint accuracy with which you can lay colour down. I really can't recommend them highly enough!"
DENYSE, Ingatestone
77. "I just LOVE Promarkers! I found out about them from an artist who inspires me. I bought a set, then bought another! It's the best markers that i could find with a low price."
Charle, Kuching, Sarawak
78. "Absolutely love My collection of Promarkers so when FlexMarkers were introduced to me I told myself I didn't need them, but have to confess have just bought the 4 grey colours and absolutely love them, would be great to win as could then increase my tiny collection. Thank you for the opportunity."
Susanne, Oxford
79. "I've been loved Letraset products since the day I started using them over three decades ago. The people that work there are as solid as their products. When the Tria line was phased out some time ago I expressed concern that one of my favorite colors was not included in the replacement- marker palette One of the staffers searched the Letraset facility, boxed up every stray marker in that color she could find and sent them to me. I'm just now on the last marker of the bunch. I can't begin to express how much that meant. Thanks!"
David R. Deitrick, USA
80. "I never heard of Promarkers till last year when I won a candy at Nicole's: a huge suitcase with ALL the Promarkers, yippie!!!!!!

First it was sooooooooo hard to and fill tiny spaces but in Holland we have an expression "practice pays" so I went for it and now.....I hardly use my Derwent pencils anymore and am completely addicted to the Promarkers!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards from Holland, Irene"
Irene, Groningen, The Netherlands
81. "I have a lot of your great promarker pens and love them. I understand that you sell a fine tip nib that attaches on to them thus extending their possibilities, I wonder if it is possible that a brush marker attachment tip would work and if so would you consider adding one to your range i do hope so "
Sue, nottingham uk
82. "Pro Markers are just fabulous, I only wish they had been around when I was at art college - they would have helped me so much"
Amanda Louise Amson, UK
83. "I have purchased several of the Pro Markers and I love them. The different tips there are to use are just awesome. The colors are fantastic for all items you might need to color. I am always happy to see new colors, and look forward to trying the new "Spring" collection."
Debra, NC
84. "After using pro-markers for the past 18 months, I have to say that I have never received such professional results from any similar products. My card making has ascended to a new level and I have learned to love crafting again. Thank you for updating the colours on a regular basis."
Christine, Stoke on Trent - England
85. "I absolutely love Promarkers! I am so glad I had the opportunity to try them out. The smoothness of the colour is perfect for colouring skin and the wide range of colours is great. I love the translucent ink which allows me to shade realistically. Though you can get numerous shades with one marker, using more than one marker is great because you can blend the ink beautifully. I also love the Flexmarkers - the pale, muted colours go brilliantly with the rich shades of Promarkers. I enjoy using Tria markers as well - I wish I could buy all of them! I hope in the future there will be more colours in the Flexmarker range."
Margaret, Philippines
86. "I absolutely love my sets or tria markers they are ablsoloutley amazing i am only 13 but do lots of design work my mum gets me a set each birthday and Christmas. They are so good the way there are no streaks and blend really nicely !!!!"
Happy customer , Surbiton
87. "I have been using Tria markers for graphic purposes for about twenty years.

Recently, I used them to repair a burn mark on a piece of furniture. The color match is impeccable and the pin dot nib allowed me to match the graining perfectly. If I do say so myself, the results were superior to the work done on a similar piece by a restoration professional.

I LOVE these markers -the nib versatility, color selection and the ability to refill them makes them unparalleled in the market. There is no other art product that I have used or enjoyed as much as my Tria markers. Thank you for an exceptional product."
Pat, Las Vegas, NV
88. "Just felt I had to a quick line to say how impressed I am with your promarkers range.

I am at present preparing to start A level textiles and design so I received a lot ot items for xmas in preparation. I was most impressed with the promarkers I received and will definatly be purchasing more in the future. There was a significant difference in quality and covering compared to any other pens I have received, in fact i would consider purchasing any others a waste of money."
Laura Jones, Textiles & Design Student, UK
89. "I am slowly building up my collection of ProMarkers. I started using them after seeing demostrations on the create and craft shows and seeing the good effect they have."
Shanie Roberts, Craft Enthusiast, United Kingdom
90. "I originally won my first Promarkers. Of course, then I was hooked. I had to start purchasing them so I could color more and more. I would recommend these to anyone as a wonderful tool of the trade. "
anonymous, USA
91. "I love my promarkers, they just add that classic touch to my finished cards and they are so versitile, wether its stamping or adding the slightest finishing touches to embellishments, you cant go wrong. Thanks"
Sharon , Motherwell, Scotland
92. "I first tried Promarkers when my friend lent me some of hers, and from the first stroke, I fell in love with them! I love that there are numerous colours, and the cool greys, they are absolutely brilliant for shading. My other friends started using them as well, and sometimes we even trade colours. I've also grown an interest for Tria's, so when the opportunity is granted to me, I think I will try them. :) "
Therese, Philippines
93. "I have only been card-making for just over 6mths but found promarkers early on. I did try another brand but Promarkers are the best by far. I am also loving the new flex-markers. Brilliant Letraset and keep it up."
Donna, Staffordshire
94. "My Tria 78 marker set, that I bought a few years ago, was dried out. Because it wasn't caused by inappropriate use or storage on my part Letraset replaced the complete set. I received the set today. Very good service and quick communications. Thx to Michelle!
Richard from Atelier 8."
R.W. Klapwijk, Rotterdam, The netherlands
95. "I won my first set of Promarkers and was astounded at the results. I've got all my friends using them. I just could not imagine stamping without them, they are perfect. Thankyou.xx"
Christine, St.Helens
96. "I bought Promarkers some time ago, and I like them very much. So many different colours to choose from, and so easy to use. And with two tips on each Promarker, it is easy to colour both thin or thick lines. I am going to buy more of theese."
Sonny Hanssen, Norway
97. "I have been using "promarkers" for three years now , I havent found any other pens I like better , I think the inter-changable fine knib is a fantastic Idea not having to buy all the pens you own again to enable use of a finer knib is a money saving bonus, I love the cool greys and have learned how to use them recently to make the cards I make come "Alive", the range of colours available is amazing thank you :-)"
kazmakescards, Cheshire
98. "I only started crafting January this year and the first thing I bought was 2 sets of promarkers to try as when I was at school I wasnt very good and colouring I couldnt believe the difference they made so now I quite happily spend 2 or 3 hours stamping then colouring in I would recommend them to anyone I am slowly building up my stash of promarkers thank you from a very satisfied customer"
margaret, kilmarnock
99. "promarkers have brought back my love of stamping, can't wait to save up to add the new flexmarkers to my collection as they look the ideal companions."
janet johns, devon, england
100. "I have the full set of Promarkers and I wouldn't be without them,The Ultra Fine Nibs have made the pens even more versatile, enabling the user to colour even fine details with ease."
Jayne, Knottingley
101. "i think aquamarkers are the best and would not use any thing else the colours are great and look good when finished "
mary, sheffield
102. "I was initially unfond of markers, put off by cheap felt pens from my childhood that ran out within minutes until a friend showed me these excellent markers with a consistant colour that can be easily blended. If it weren't for these pens I would have never persued my artistic career."
Jessica, Swindon
103. "Having just purchased some Promarkers I wonder how I did without them.
They are so nice to use, blend beautifully and there is a lovely set of colours.
They are very versatile with three nibs, they will colour anything ribbon, brads etc. for perfect colour co-ordination.
The blender pen is so useful for adding texture and shade, it also helps correct all my mistakes!!"
Sue James, Warrington UK
104. "If you’re not brilliant at colouring or you’re just starting out, it’s so important that you don’t buy an inferior product. I wouldn’t say I was an artist or the best colourer in the world but the quality of Letraset markers allows me to get professional looking results every time."
Nikky Hall, Polkadoodles, UK
105. "I have got lots of Pro-Markers, and I saw the Tria markers online and asked my husband for them for my birthday, he very generously bought me a 24 set in a folder, I really enjoy all my pens especially the Tria's, one thing I find it very hard to get the top off of the fine tip. But that is no problem when my husband is around. I am a papercrafter make cards and love to stamp and colour for myself. So thanks again for the lovely pens."
Mary Brooks, Devon UK
106. "I cannot stop buying Promarkers! The more I use them, the more I discover what they can do, and the new ultrafine nib is just awesome! I use it for fine detail such as hair, or for doing "scribbles" such as flourishes or little flowers. I'm not artistic, but these markers are rapidly turning me into one! Yesterday I bought Sets 1 and 2 of the Aquamarkers and I cannot wait for them to arrive. "
Frances, Swindon
107. "I have very nearly got the full set of Promarkers and I couldn't be without them, using themwith my cardmaking. But recently after the Ultra Fine Nibs were introduced, these have altered the use of the pens, so much more able to colour even fine details with these. A great idea!!"
Claire , UK
108. "I have purchased all the promarker, and aqua and a complete set of the fine nibs and I am over the moon with these markers. They are the best in the world.
I am looking forward to purchasing the new flex markers as soon as they are available.

Helen , Republic of Ireland
109. "I love your Promarkers. I've been using them for a little more than a year. I like to shade with different colors and I find these are fairly easy to learn. All it takes is some practice. I did much research before I bought mine, and I'm certainly happy that I bought them. I really love the new tip you can get for them. Thanks, "
Debra, NC, USA
110. "i really love my 92 promarkers set :))) ,my friends are jealous :) they love it too, i feel amazing when i just look to the set :) imagine how i feel when i'm using it "
Hidi , Giza
111. "I have bought my first set of promarkers and then asked for, and received, some more sets as presents; but I would like all existing colours eventually. I am a papercrafter and love the results I get with these pens. They glide on smoothly, blend and colour without streaks and give great results every time."
Elke, Leicester, UK
112. "I am studying for a textile and surface degree at present and often use PROMARKERS in both my uni work and my personal papercrafting work. I absolutely love the way the colours are so vibrant and blend so well. Top marks Letraset..... nothing else comes close for ease of use, great results and value for money(being a poor student lol)"
Jayne, billingham
113. "The Tria pens are VITAL to my career...there's no other pen on the market as good. It's versatility is without comparison, and the new brush nib, as well as the UF nib allows me to create detailed, highly finished illustrations with even greater proficiency. I can't recommend them highly enough"
Graham Kennedy/ Professional illustrator, UK
114. "I have a few set of markers, and received my first set of Promarkers as a prize, and none of the ones I have even come close to Promarkers, they blend so smoothly...and I just LOVE the colours, I have just sent in my 3rd order...."
Sherrri, Ridgeway, ON
115. "My sister is studying in Milan for a designer course and she uses a great deal of your products. According to her, your product is the best in the field of her work."
Macida Fang, Cambs
116. "The application of pressure on the nib and the twist of the wrist can give varying marks and weights instantaneously. In the case of visuals, the pen is definately mightier than the mouse."
Syd Roderick, Visualiser and Concept Artist, UK
117. "The Tria is a fantastically versatile marker, allowing you to colour in various styles from large fills of background through to the tiniest details of hair and eyes. It is particularly streak proof, as it has a very generous ink flow. It is a great medium for a manga artist, as you can create vibrant illustrations with a professional finish in a relatively short amount of time."
Sonia Leong, Manga Illustrator, UK
118. "I didn't know Tria Markers, but now I know there are firm Japanese fans as well. The quality of Tria Markers is incredible."
Sanna U, Manga Artist, Japan
119. "It seems there is no limit to the use of these markers with their clean, brilliant colors and their ability to mimic water color and ink."
Ron Croki, Commercial Illustrator, USA
120. "Tria is more than just a drawing tool - These markers give the feeling of 'sculpting' with colour. They allow me to illustrate with depth and volume."
Meko, Manga Illustrator, France
121. "Tria Marker is the ideal medium to create professional-looking manga illustrations within a short space of time. I love the 'hands-on' feel of colouring manually and Tria Markers let you see instant results. The colours are vibrant, easily blendable and there's no sharpening or spillage!"
Joanna Zhou, Manga artist and Illustrator, UK
122. "I choose Tria because of the bright and beautiful colours and the very large and rich palette. Tria Markers are for me very good and practical tools of creativity."
Jean Herbert, Story-boarder and Comic Author, France
123. "The range and quality are excellent. To my knowledge they are the only markers that incorporate 3 nib widths, and it's only with this versatility that I'm able to create such fine detailed work."
Graham Kennedy, Professional Illustrator, UK
124. "Tria Markers are lovely to work with, they give such nice results and always make the workflow nice and quick."
Dave Cousens, Illustrator, UK
125. "I have been using Tria markers since early 1990. I LOVE to color and use these markers to color in the rubber stamp images I use on my cards. The color array is wonderful. The ink is the bestNO STREAKS and blends well. I have converted some of my fellow stampers once they tried my markers. I appreciate the three nibs, especially in doing small areas with my shaky hand!! I have refilled my markers with no problems. I haven't tried the new style of Tria as yet, but hopefully will soon. I also may give the Promarkers a try, but I don't think anything can beat my Trias. In my opinion, they way outshine the Copics that are so popular with stampers right now!!! You can see what I have colored on my blog
I do design team work and ALWAYS use the Trias for beautiful color and great results. Thanks for an amazzing product!"
Beverly, Texas
126. "Tria markers are a vital part of my designing tool kit. As a Film Production Designer, nothing replaces the tactile quality of drawing with great markers. That connection between paper and medium is essential for me to conceptualise ideas and Tria Markers have the perfect feel and quality I need."
Doug Chiang, Film Production Designer, USA
127. "Having a choice of three nibs on the one pen is excellent, and the colour system has made the whole process a lot less hit and miss. What's good is that you know exactly what you are going to get."
Johnny Hardstaff, Graphic Designer, UK
128. "Just a quick note to say many thanks for the new Tria Fashion Set, it’s brilliant as are the packs for the students. They will be given out when I introduce Tria pens to the students during my next fashion illustration workshop, it will be a real treat for them. Thanks again for your help."
Ellie Jakeman, Textiles and Fashion Programme Leader, UK
129. "We know Letraset products are the best quality. We are proud of the fact the students can work with the materials professional designers are using."
Agnieszka Kosek, Industrial Design Student, Poland
130. "I have definitely found a strong tool for my professional practice in the ability to sketch quickly and effectively. This I have done with my favourite tool, the Tria Marker by Letraset."
Ariel Mendez, Architectural Illustrator, Mexico
131. "For professional illustration you cannot afford to mess around trying to find suitable materials. Tria Markers allow a very quick way of getting colour and tone down and can easily be blended."
John Keogh, Automotive Designer, USA
132. "Just wanted to say thank for your fantastic products! I was given a black Tria Marker at a demo and sent off to get 3 skin-tone markers; they are all amazing, far better than any other markers I have used!"
Mike Winnard, Student, UK
133. "New Tria Markers help to convey ideas with ease and confidence. A great medium to quickly express a thought or design."
Alan Birch, Transport and Industrial Designer, UK

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