Tutorial: Kirsty Wiseman

Craft Designer
Image 1Artist: Kirsty Wiseman
Nationality: English
Website: www.kirstywiseman.com

Having the ability to now custom designs artwork, typeset and photographs on a transparent sheet and adhere to almost any surface brings a whole new dimension to creativity. From a papercraft point of view it now means that you can use your computer to print onto an "Acetate" style sheet. Printing on acetate has been nigh on impossible in the past but now its possible by using Safmat sheets which you can use not only in scrapbooking for overlay style work but also on ceramics, metal, candles and small cuts of card that are too small to run through your printer.
The possibilities of this product has opened up a new world of creativity.
Image 2Safmat

I like having the option to have artwork on transparent apertures in my cardmaking. Having a new dimension in this way would also make stained glass effects and negative style photography look incredibly professional – all that can printed from your home computer and straight onto you projects.

Image 3 Designing your own overlays adds a real custom quality to your scrapbooking. There are no products on the market that can allow you to design your own. Thankfully Safmat fits the bill and on this layout, below, I've printed my own quote, which I adhered over the photo and onto the white cardstock to streamline with the rest of the design. It needn’t stop at quotes, you can even print photos and art work to it as well. The possibilities of this product has opened up a new world of creativity.


Image 4Letratac is the answer to a die cut and tricky shaped punch users nightmare. No more trying to carefully glue the long strands and awkward corners of intricate designs. Simply press the desired shape on the letratrac, which transfers the glue on all edges and strands, and then adhere to your project using the letratac tool, which ensures a perfect adhesion. The flower stems on this card below stick perfectly with no glue seeping from over application of PVA.

With so many delicate embellishments being brought to the fold, unless they come pre-adhesed, it then becomes a headache trying to carefully affix the product to your page without splodges of glue seeping from beneath the product. Letratac see to it that your embellishment attaches quickly and efficiently with no tacky adhesives on show. The intricate shape on this project below called out for Letraracs ingenious glue transfer and I couldn’t never have had the patience to hand glue the house embellishments if it wasn’t for the ease of Letratac.
Image 5