ProMarker Tutorial

ProMarker Tutorial
From 'Maya Stenshagen - My love for papercraft'
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Items Used:
I always use Letraset Cartridge pads to color on with my ProMarker, i find this paper to be the best!

First you need to find out the colors you will need, and a image to color in :)

Here i have a gorgeous image from Tickled Pink Stamps; Lil Lolita - Evie

The Colors i am going to use are;
Dusky Pink Dusky Rose
Blush Maroon
Pale pink
Cornflower Tan
Powder Blue Putty
Pastel Blue


Step 1

For the face and skin i use; Dusky Pink, Blush and Pale Pink.

I start off with the darkest color first; Dusky pink. And use this color where i want it to be darkest (shadow)

Step 2
Then i take; Blush, and goes over the Dusky pink and a little bit in to the middle.

Step 3
Then i use; Pale pink on the cheeks and goes over the whole face with Blush.

Here i have colored in my face and skin
Step 4

Then i move over to the clothes, and for the blue details i have used;
Cornflower, Powder blue and Pastel blue.

I begin with the darkest color; Cornflower and color in where i want the shadows.

Step 5
Then i take the Powder blue and color over the cornflower and a bit in to the middle.

Step 6
And then i use the lightest color; Pastel blue to smooth out the lines.

Here is all of the blue details finished

Step 7

we move over to the pink details.

Dusky rose and Pale pink is my choice.

Use the darkest; Dusky rose first again to make the shadows.

Step 8
Then go over with Pale pink to smooth it out.

And here is all of my Pink details finsihed

Image click the adjacent image to view the final artwork