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Letraset Valentines Cracker Tutorial
Follow this Letraset Tutorial to create a gift for someone special.

These crackers are simple to create and make fun, unique gifts. What we love best about these at Letraset - besides the fun of cracking them - is that they can be completely personalised to help your proposal go with a bang, create a 'best-friend' sentiment, or even use as an anti-valentines joke gift by carefully selecting wrapping paper and novelty items/gifts to match your 'theme'.
Image 1

You Will Need:

  • LetraTac Adhesive
  • LetraTac Super Adhesive
  • X-acto knife
  • Steel Rule
  • Cutting Mat
  • x2 Toilet rolls (per cracker)
  • Snaps - from any art and craft store
  • Backing paper / wrapping paper
  • Ribbon / curling ribbon
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • Small gift or novelty item
  • Joke / poem / message
  • Tissue Paper - for a crown
  • Make the cracker

    Step 1 :
    Take your wrapping or backing paper and lay it out. Next, cut one of your toilet rolls and cut in half to create two short rolls, lay these out on the paper leaving 2.5cm (or 1 inch) gap between each roll in sequence: short - long - short. (For a better finish; make sure there is a slight gap between the edge of the rolls and edge of the backing paper to ensure the rolls will not 'peek' out of the cracker once finished)

    Step 2 :
    Place StudioTac Super on each end of the cracker snap and place the snap lengthwise in the middle of the paper.

    Image 1 Step 3 :
    Cut a strip of StudioTac approximately 1cm wide (or 1/2 inch) and burnish along one edge of the paper. Start folding the paper around the toilet rolls. When it's snug press down the adhesive coated edge to secure the paper.

    Step 4 :
    Pinch and twist in the paper in the gap between the middle toilet roll and one of the ends. Tie neatly round it with a complementary colour curling ribbon or fabric ribbon of your choice.

    Step 5 :
    Fill the middle of the cracker with whatever you want! Sweets, key rings, jewellery, engagement ring, bad jokes, poems, paper hats, etc.

    Step 6
    Now you've filled your cracker, finish off the other pulling end, just like you did with the first one. Finally finish off the cracker with any other embellishments using StudioTac Super to secure the items
    Make a crown

    Step 1 :
    We sugested tissue paper for the crown, but you can use virtually any type of paper to create these, including funky foils from your local craft shop.

    Take you chosen piece of paper and cut 7cm (or 3inch) strips.

    Image 1Step 2 :
    Cut the strip 56cm long (22inches) or adhere aditional pieces together using StudioTac. Overlap the ends (by approx. 1cm / 1/4inch) to create a loop.

    Step 3 :
    Fold the loop flat, then fold in half. Fold each side back on itself - this should create a 'concetena'..

    Step 4 :
    Finally - holding the flat folded piece of paper, cut from the top corner (of the original central fold) diagonally to the other side cutting a triangle shape finishing 5cm (3inches) from the bottom.