Congratulations Card Tutorial

Follow the step-by-step below to make this card
Image of Card You will need:

A Piece of White Canvas Effect Card
Letraset Rose Pink ProMarker
Letraset Amethyst ProMarker
RubDown Transfer Memories (black)
LetraTac Super
Bleedproof Paper
X-acto - Precision Knife Light
X-acto - Precision Light Blades

A Medium Flower Punch
A Small Flower Punch
A6 Piece of Indian Silk Paper, Pink
A6 Piece of Indian Silk Paper, Purple
3mm Clear Gems
Metal Rule
A Photo
Use ProMarkers To Create Simple and Stylish Results . . .

The great thing about ProMarkers is that you don’t need a wealth of products or be a trained artist to create beautiful effects on your craft work. Just some carefully selected colours and a few simple strokes is all you need for effective decoration.

On this Congratulations card I’ve chosen to use two ProMarkers, Rose Pink and Amethyst. I’ve used the chisel end and bullet nib end to generate the two line widths. Use a ruler to create perfectly straight lines, and alternate between colours and line widths (marker nibs) at slight various angles. Next (using the bullet nib) place dots along the lines using the same colour marker. You now have an attractive and unique decoration Image of Card

Make the card:

Fold the card in half, measure 2cm from the top of the card and cut this piece away, leaving a squarer shape card. Keep the cut piece to use for the punch-outs.

Follow the instructions above to create the ProMarker decoration down the left side of the card.

Using the StudioTac, adhere some Pink Indian Silk Paper to the removed card piece, and repeat with some Purple Indian Silk Paper. Punch out eight small pink flowers, one small purple and a medium purple flower. Using the StudioTac Super adhere a small gem in the centre of each small flower, and adhere one small pink flower in the centre of the medium purple flower.

First, place the small pink flowers along the ProMarker stripes and space them evenly. Once spaced, fix the flowers in place with the StudioTac Super.

To make the frame, take your photo and place onto a piece of card. Draw around your photo with a pencil and then remove. Measure 2mm inside the pencil mark (mark A), and 1cm outside the mark to (mark B) draw the frame. Before cutting the frame out, adhere the Purple Indian Silk Paper to the front of the card, then cut out the frame (mark B). To create the window, cut along the top, bottom, and right-hand-side of the inside pencil mark (mark A). Take a piece of Pink Indian Silk Paper, transfer StudioTac glue to the reverse of the paper and place across the frame ‘door’, then trim the excess with an craft knife.

Now the frame for your photo is made, take the frame and turn over so you can see the original pencil mark, marking out the photo size. Take the StudioTac Super and tear strips to place on the inside of these pencil marks transferring super glue dots to the card which will overlap your photo to stick it in place. Take your photo and gently offer up the image to the marks and burnish gently. Next, use the StudioTac Super to adhere the frame in place in the top right-hand corner of the card.

For the final touch, use the foil transfer sheet to create a laser-effect greeting.

Create the insert

Take a piece of A4 bleedproof paper and colour both sides with the Rose Pink ProMarker. Place the paper to one side to allow to dry.

Once dry, fold the paper in half and cut to 2mm smaller than the card on all three sides, whilst folded. Next, again with the pink paper folded, punch out flower shapes along the right-hand side of the paper.

To stick the page inside the card, pull out a piece of StudioTac Super slightly longer than the height of the pink paper, and lay – glue-side up – on your workspace. Next touch the fold of the pink paper to the glue and use the blunt end of an instrument (i.e. a run out ball-point pen, the handle of your craft knife, etc) to apply pressure down the centre of the fold. Remove the glue strip, and place the fold of the pink paper into the fold of the card, repeat the process of applying pressure to adhere the insert inside the greeting card. Finally take the Rubdown transfer sheet to place a greeting inside the card.