Judy Balchin's Birthday Card

  A guide to making your own birthday card  
  Image of Card You will need:

Letraset LetraTac A5+ Sheets
Letraset Letraline Flex-a-Tap - Red 2.4mm
Letraset ProMarker Theme Set - Hobby & Craft
Letraset Rub Down Transfer - Mixed, Black

Red Card and Tag
Deep red card
Bright yellow textured paper
Light pink and light green paper
  Card Step-byStep:

1. Cut a square of red card, 1cm smaller in both width and length than the front of your red greetings card.

2. Using a ruler, tear a square from your yellow textured paper. The square should be slightly smaller than your red card square.

Use a sheet of A5+ StudioTac to stick the red square of card to the greetings card. Use the same process to stick the yellow textured paper square to the red card. StudioTac is easy to use and mess free so there is no risk of ruining your craftwork. Plus StudioTac is a dry adhesive so there is no waiting around for the glue to dry.

4. Cut two small squares of light pink paper, and two squares of light green paper, ensuring that each square is exactly the same size.

5. Using ProMarkers, draw your flower design on each square. 'Ruby' is perfect for the inside of the flower, 'Canary' for the petals, and 'Pumpkin' for around the petals. Finish the design with the fine liner included in every ProMarker Theme Set.

6. Use a sheet of A5+ StudioTac to stick your square flower designs to the front of the card.

7. Border the squares with red Letraline Flex-a-Tape.

8. Finally, rub down your chosen words or phrases from the sheet of Rub Down Transfer.

Mitre the corners of your Letraline Tape to give your card a really professional finish. This is achieved by overlapping the tape at the corners then using a sharp scalpel to diagonally cut through the two layers of tape. Take care not to cut too deeply. Finally, peel off the top layer of excess tape and carefully tease out the excess bottom layer.