Process of creating an image

Tutorial by Kylie Scollick
Image 1) First of all, I thumbnail out what I'm going to be sketching, which is sometimes followed by another rough, full-sized sketch with blue pencil lead if I'm still unsure of the posing and such. That image is then transferred via light box to a clean, new sheet of paper for inks and colours. As the calendar is already in its pre-approved stages, I only need to sketch out once in HB lead. As you can see, I'm a pretty messy sketcher, so it's a good thing I'm the one that inks my own pictures! This image is for the month of August, and has a prince and princess theme.

2) Next the image is inked. I vary between black-only inks, sepia-only inks, and a mix of coloured ones (such as red, blue, green ect). For this image, I chose to use Sepia (though I still stick to black around the eyes). The castle in the background is straightened out using a set-square, but is left only in pencil (which will be explained later).

3) Base colours. These are the lightest colours of each individual 'piece' of the image. As I progress, I add more colours (which are darker) to add the shadows and effects. If I am blending my markers, I will start with the darkest shadow colour and blend my way up. However, for the sake of sticking to the look of the other images for this calendar, I will make this image with base colours working up. Obviously, there are some colours bleeding out of certain areas of this image, which will be fixed towards the end. I've also added in a few additional features to the image I felt it were missing.

4) You can see on the kitty's fur and coat, I've added in the next stage of slightly darker colours over the base. This is a good chance to make use of the brush-tip on tria markers, as they can create a soft, hair-like look to fur (it also works wonders for human hair too).
Image5) This is then continued and more layers are added to the fur and coat until I am satisfied.

6) I repeat this process with the whole image until the foreground characters are done and only the background remains. I've also added small dots to the panda's outfit. Now about that background....

7) All the images in this calendar feature small 'border-like' backgrounds rather than something that fully surrounds the characters. You can also see I've coloured the image without any inked lines at all. I do this so that the characters will not be overpowered by the background itself. Now the image is fully coloured but still needs some work. The castle is a little wonky, there's some marker bleeding, there's no real highlights and the gold colours are looking rather dull.

8) That's better! Using a white coloured pencil, I've added some highlights to the Kitty and Panda's fur. Shine on the gold and metal on their clothes (as well as the sparkles on panda's dress) were done using a white gel pen. The gel pen along with the original sepia inking pen was used to tidy up marker bleeds. If you want some tips of tidying up small marker bleeds, I have a small tutorial on such a thing in my art gallery:

And that's pretty much the process! One image down...quite a few more to go!