Summer-Time Invitations

Follow the step-by-step below to make this card
Image of Card You will need:

Letraset Gold Metallic Aqua ProMarker
Letraset Pumpkin ProMarker
Letraset Ruby ProMarker
Letraset Cinnamon ProMarker
Letraset Vanilla ProMarker
Letraset Cool Aqua ProMarker
Gold Metallic Letraline Tape 1.6mm
Pastel Blue Flex-a-Tape 3.2mm
Safmat Film
Font Disk ‘Contemporary’
LetraTac Super
White Colour Card Set
Bleedproof Paper
X-acto - Precision Knife Light
X-acto - Precision Light Blades

White Card
Metal Rule
Hole Punch
Flower Punch
Card Step-byStep:

Take the sheet of bleedproof paper and colour sections in Pumpkin, Gold, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Ruby - using the chisel end of the ProMarker to achieve a flat colour. Use the metal rule and x-acto knife to cut the coloured paper into strips. Adhere the strips to the greeting card using StudioTac A5 sheets.
Image of Card

Next, print out the greeting ‘BBQ?’ using the Party font for ‘BBQ’ and the Margarita font for the question mark. Set the printer setting to print on ‘transparency’, and print out onto the Safmat Film. Cut the section of Safmat from the sheet and burnish on the card.

Run a strip of gold Letraline across the edges of the coloured strips. Next, add two strips of Pastel Blue Flex-a-Tape.

Take the remaining pieces of coloured bleedproof paper and cut 5mm deep strips, use the StudioTac to adhere the strips to a piece of card in alternative colours including a strip of pastel blue flex-a-tape to create a ‘rainbow’ piece of card. From this rainbow strip, punch out two flowers with the flower punch.

Next, colour small areas of a piece of bleedproof paper with the Cinnamon ProMarker, Ruby ProMarker and Cool Aqua ProMarker. Stick these to a piece of card using StudioTac. Take the flower punch and punch out two Cinnamon flowers. Next punch out two small red circles and two small blue circles with the hole punch. Use the StudioTac Super to adhere the Cool Aqua circles in the Cinnamon flower centres, and the red circles in the ‘rainbow’ flower centres. Finally stick the flowers down the left side of the card using StudioTac Super.