Dorothy's 3D Birthday Card

A step-by-step guide to making your own 3D birthday card
Image of Card You will need:

Letraset Rose Pink ProMarker
Letraset Soft Lime ProMarker
Letraset Blue Pearl ProMarker
Letraset Amethyst ProMarker
Letraset Canary ProMarker
Letraset Pumpkin ProMarker
Silver Metallic ProMarker

Letraline 1/16" (1.6mm)
in yellow, pink, pastel blue and lilac
Letraline 1/8" (3.2mm) in lilac

Letraset Foil Transfer - Birthday 2
LetraTac Super

A4 cream card
Translucent shrink plastic
Card size – 11.5 x 14cm
Card Step-byStep:

1. Trace the cupcake motif on to white paper. Colour the icing using Rose Pink ProMarker and the paper case using Silver Metallic ProMarker. Cut out.

2. Cut a 23 x 14cm piece of cream card, score down the middle and fold in half. Open out the card. Stick the cupcake on the inside in the middle of the left hand side of the card using StudioTac (LetraTac in USA).

3. Mark the centre point along the top and bottom edges of the left hand side. Line the ruler up with the marks; score down to the icing and then from the bottom of the case to the bottom edge of the card.

4. Beginning at the score line, cut around the right hand side of the cupcake until you reach the lower score line. Open out the card, push out the cupcake and fold the front flap back along the score lines.

5. Decorate the cupcake case with thin strips of pink, pastel blue and lilac Letraline. Lightly stick a length of yellow, pink, pastel blue and lilac on to a cutting mat. Cut the strips into 6mm lengths. Use the tip of the craft knife to lift the short pieces on to the icing of the cake.

6. Apply 1/8" wide lilac Letraline around the edge of the left hand side of the card, guiding it into a wavy line. Overlap the ends at the corner and then cut the excess with a craft knife to create a point.

7. Mark where the line meets the back of the card. Apply the 1/8in lilac Letraline on the back panel so that it lines up with the front panel. Decorate the border with the short strips of Letraline.

8. Cut out the words ‘Happy’ and ‘Birthday’ separately from the foil transfer sheet. Position the words in the middle of the back panel of the card and rub down. Lay silver foil, silver side up on top and rub over to transfer the foil. Peel off the foil.

9. Trace the candle motif on to translucent shrink plastic three times. Colour the flame with Canary and Pumpkin ProMarkers. Colour the candles in Rose Pink, Amethyst and Soft Lime. Use a contrast colour to draw spots, squiggles or little squares to decorate the candles.

10. Cut out the candles and then place on a piece of stiff card. Place the card in the oven heated to 130 degrees centigrade. After a minute or two the plastic will start to shrink. Keep an eye on it so that the candles don’t curl up too much and stick. You can turn the candles over at any point.

11. Once the candles have shrunk and snapped back to a flat shape take out of the oven. Stick the candle embellishments on to the cupcake using LetraTac Super.