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I have always had an intense preoccupation with the differing shades of pathos and humour found in the repetitive mundane tasks, routines and rituals of everyday life. Hidden within these spans of time can be found startling moments of poetic individuation, and an imprint of the individual within the commonplace rituals of society.

Individuation, especially within this uniformity, although subtle and frequently paradoxical, is something I find myself returning to again and again.

Through my "will to order" and my frequently inane sense of humour my objective is the investigation, documentation and validation of these singular "marked" and "unmarked" moments of our lives...

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"Kelly Mark's Letraset 'drawings' are compositions of meticulously arranged transfer lettering on mount board. The black and white designs are ambiguous and suggest an unseen source material such as aerial mapping, sewing patterns or convoluted text-based bar code. More graphic and formally driven than her other work, they allow her the pleaseure of making and designing in a dynamic and architectural way."
Terri Whitehead: "Kelly Mark". Art Review Magazine (UK) PP 108

"Kelly Mark's work using Letraset seems to represent a dynamic dance and swirl of letters, moving accross page and frame to frame. While the indivivual pieces can stand alone, they are arranged as polyptychs and the line around which the marks are organizes flow from from one panel to the other. There is a dynamic machinery here, and the fontography by its black and white and serifed nature reminds me of the early century's dynamic steam machines, which inspired Duchamp to abandon paintings of traditional subject matter in favour of engineered renderings of chocolate-grinders and the hormonal process of love as if mediated by particles of malic-molded matter."
Timothy Comeau: "Alphabetics". Blog TO
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