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Aqua Marker ImageAqua ProMarkers use water based pigmented inks. These have the advantage of being water soluble - they can be easily blended, even when dried, giving the effects of water-colour paint but with the convenience of a marker...Visit for more information
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Aqua ProMarkers are particularly suitable for popular craft activities. Being water based, they can be applied to rubber stamps and then easily cleaned away. And since pigmented ink is acid free and light fast, it gives the excellent colour longevity required by Scrap Bookers.

The water colour quality of the markers also makes an ideal accompaniment to an artist's tool box, providing a clean and convenient alternative to water colour paints.

Aqua ProMarkers feature a unique brush shaped nib at one end, enabling a soft-edged application of colour. Try experimenting - combine Aqua ProMarkers with the Aqua ProMarker Blender or a brushpen filled with water.
  • Water-based, pigmented ink
  • Blends with water, even when dried
  • Acid free and light fast
  • Ideal for crafts and water-colour style art
  • 20 colours available

  • How-To

    What paper to use with Aqua ProMarkers
    Good quality, smooth watercolour paper is ideal for Aqua ProMarkers. This will be robust enough to handle washes and blending without wrinkling. Hot-pressed paper is best since it is the smoothest type - anything too rough will cause the marker's nib to drag on the surface. Aqua ProMarkers can also be used on cartridge paper but remember this won't be so durable when wet.

    Aqua Marker ImageCreating A Wash
    A good graduated wash is useful for skies and landscapes. Use the Aqua ProMarker's wide nib to apply a line of saturated colour then, making horizontal strokes with the Aqua blender, drag the colour down the page. This will give a smooth graduation of tone from dark to light.

    Aqua Marker ImageSoft Effects
    For soft, blended colour changes, you can apply Aqua ProMarkers wet on wet. Apply a second colour over or next to the first before it dries - the colours will blend into each other. Alternatively lay down the Aqua Blender, without saturating the paper, before applying colour.
    Another method for applying colour to create subtle effects is to create a traditional colour palette. Take a discarded piece of water colour paper, colour circles of colour, loading the paper. Then use a pre-dampened water colour brush to 'lift' the colour from the palette and apply to your art surface.

    Aqua Marker Image

    Creating Stronger Tones
    If more definition is needed, allow your base colour to dry fully then overlay with the second. This wet on dry method will let you build up distinct tonal areas of colour. If two overlaid or adjacent colours have both dried, you can always use the Aqua blender to merge them together.

    Aqua Marker Image

    Tipping Technique
    You'll get rich, colour-saturated lines from the nibs of your Aqua ProMarkers. Alternatively, use the tipping technique to get softer, more translucent colour lines.

    Use the blender pen to wet the nib of the Aqua ProMarker - this will temporarily dilute the colour flow from the nib or else you can apply the transferred colour from the blender pen.

    You can even use the blender to pick up colour from the paper and then re-apply it elsewhere - just like using a palette!

    Aqua Marker Image

    Rubber Stamping
    Aqua ProMarkers are perfect for creating colourful craft projects - card making, scrap booking ... anywhere you need light-fast, acid free colour.

    You can use Aqua ProMarkers for Rubber Stamping - use the broad nib to apply ink to your stamp then press down your design as usual. You can then use the blender or brush-pen to manipulate the colour and add finishing touches.

    Aqua ProMarkersgive you precise control when applying ink to your stamp. This makes it easy to combine two different colours on the same stamp. Once you've applied the design to your surface, the colours can be softened and merged using the Aqua blender or brush pen.

    Aqua ProMarker ink is easy to clean - just wash away surplus with water.