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...Please read the following information before submitting your artwork
What is a 'Guest Contributor'?

Guest Contributor Image 1Here at Letraset we are continuously looking for new content to feature on our website. In the past this has included articles show-casing designer, crafter and illustrator artwork/projects which all share one thing in common - they have been created using Letraset products. To view our backlog of past Letraset.com Guest Contributors, click here. We're looking for new guest contributors for our website and are proud to be able to create a dynamic space where both professionals and non-professionals can show off their skills and share their unique advice and tips on creating fantastic images and art pieces.

Requirements to feature:

Do you:

  • use letraset products
  • produce work to a professional finish
  • would like your artwork to feature on our home pages or galleries.

  • ...then please scroll down the page to find out more details about submitting your artwork.
    Submitting your work ...

    We are interested in all artwork or projects you send us. We will give each piece of work an equal reviewal and those that we feel would be helpful and interesting to our web readers will become fully fledged guest contributors at Letraset.com.

    If your artwork is not chosen for a guest feature, we will still try to add your applications to our galleries page. We're always excited to see what you do with our products and don't want your hardwork to go amiss.
    What typically goes into a guest contributor feature?

    It will typically cover a brief introduction about you - the artist, illustrator, designer - and what Letraset products you use. You will also have a seperate page dedicated to your profile. You will also get a dedicated gallery if you have several artwork images. The main focus of the feature is what hints and tips you can offer aspiring artists - ideally product hints and tips on how to get the most out of Letraset products, but tips can also address your discipline and how to succeed e.g. if you're a product designer, a fashion artist, or a manga illustrator etc...

    If you have a craft feature - be it a card you've made, a scrapbooking page, in fact anything crafty where you've used Letraset products - we'd love to hear from you. Your feature will include a quote about why you chose the Letraset products you have for your craft project and a detailed step-by-step how-to of how to make the project. If you can supply step-by-step images to accompany the feature, all the better, but this is not essential. If you have used several Letraset products for your craft project, great!, we can then offer our readers discounts on the products you've used to help them get started.

    Submitting Your Work For Application

    If you are an artist/designer/illustrator, you will need to supply...

  • a short profile about yourself and a some hints-and-tips* on how to get the most out of your chosen Letraset product(s). Please review the profile guide to help you get an idea of what kind information should be in your profile.

  • one main image of your artwork, and at least two other supporting images.

  • (*if you wish to include a tutorial for drawing, or making a piece of artwork alongside your profile instead of a hints and tips page, please feel free to do so)

    If you are sending an craft application, you will need to supply...

  • a detailed step-by-step guide and a short description about your project. Fellow Crafters will have a chance to build your craft project if your guest contributor application is successful.

  • a good quality photograph of your craft item
    (please only send copies, Letraset regretfully are unable to return any items you send us in the post)

  • if possible, please include photographs illustrating your written step-by-step guide.

  • Post* Your Application To . . .

    Letraset Limited
    Marketing Department
    Guest Contributor Application
    The Studio Building
    21 Evesham Street
    W11 4AJ
    United Kingdom

    Email** your application to . . .

    * Sending via post: Images must be saved in jpg or gif format. Please include images at high resolution. Burn your content onto a CD, clearly label the CD with your name and contact details, securely package in protective pack for posting. Do not send original artwork.

    ** Sending via email: Images must be saved in jpg or gif format. Images need to be high quality, if high quality images are unavailable; the smallest file size we can accept is 92dpi x 400px wide. Two to three images are recommended for inclusion in a profile unless creating a tutorial. If you wish to include more images a gallery page can be created as a link through from your profile - a gallery can include between 5 - 12 images.
    Download the Profile Guide:
    Download PDF Download the PDF 'Handy-Hints' Guide document
    Download Word Document Download the Word 'Handy-Hints' Guide document
    If you have any questions about guest contributor features or submitting artwork to our galleries, please contact us.