Student Discount

If you're a student or tutor, getting 15% discount is easy...

1. Sign up as a new customer
Registering on our website is straightforward. Once you've signed up, you can opt to receive exclusive promotional offers by email (in addition to student discount).

2. Enter a valid email address
To identify you as a student or tutor, our site looks for an academic email address (ending with,, edu, ESQAUTO, or So long as you register and login with an academic email address, you'll automatically benefit from student discount on every purchase.

3. Logout then login
When you register for the first time, you may need to log out and then back in again. This activates the discount.
Account activation may take up to 5 minutes, please delay logging back into your account for this period.

4. Start saving
That's it! You'll get 15% discount on Letraset purchases all the while you're in education.
Please note the student discount only applies to Letraset products and does not cover third party items.

If you are a student and have previously registered with a non-student email address (i.e. Hotmail) then please let us know. We can convert your existing account over to receive discount (subject to verification - contact us at with a copy of your student card and enrolment letter).

Any non-UK students or students without an or .edu email address should contact us at with a copy of their student card and enrolment letter. Subject to verification we can manually set up your online account to receive student discount.

Student Discount Poster

Download The Student Discount PosterWhy not share this fantastic news? Download the Student Discount Poster - Simply print and post on your relevant notice boards. Please ask your Student Union's permission if necessary.

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