TestimonialsAs part of our ongoing commitment to working closely with tutors and students, Letraset has supported numerous joint university initiatives. Below are just a few examples...
Image 1Coventry University, United Kingdom

Credited with educating a large proportion of today’s car design workforce , Coventry University has achieved worldwide recognition for its Transport Design output. Coventry’s Head of Transport, Alan Birch, has been using and recommending Letraset products for more than 20 years – we’ve worked closely with him on many projects including various workshops and tutorials. Thanks to Alan, the university’s shop is an enthusiastic stockist of Letraset products and we’re able to supply his students with all the materials they need, right on their doorstep.

Image 1University of Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Letraset first met with University of Staffordshire at the UCAS ‘Design Your Future’ show in London. Following a talk with Senior Product and Transport Design Lecturer, David Jaquin, it wasn’t long before we’d equipped him with a Product Design Set of Tria Markers and organised samples for his students. As well as actively directing his students to the Letraset website where they could take advantage of our student discount programme, David also had the university’s on-campus shop set up an education trade account.

Umea University, Sweden

The Scandinavian hub of Automotive Design, Umea University provides Volvo and Saab with a steady supply of graduates. Demian Horst, the University’s Programme Director for Transport Design got in contact with Letraset following difficulties in sourcing markers for his students. Letraset obliged with samples and a bulk purchase proposal as well as sponsoring a demo day with a visiting designer from Volvo.

Image 1Academy of Design, Poland

Letraset was recently asked to sponsor the International Car Design Workshop in Katowice, Poland. Taking place over four days, the workshop(s) had students working to the design brief ‘Car of the the Future’ with marker rendering playing a big part throughout. As well as supplying markers for the workshops, Letraset offered additional prizes for the winning students whose work will be shown through a series of nationwide exhibitions.

Miami International University, USA

MIU is renowned for Fashion Design, an area where markers are very widely used. Working with a local representative, Letraset ran a seminar for lecturers and students providing a full Tria product overview along with some tips on marker rendering. The students all left happy with product samples and the tutors left with all the information needed to specify Tria Markers on their course supplies lists. MIU’s shop is now able to supply Letraset products direct to its students and Letraset continues to work on future collaborations with teaching staff.