About Us

This website is owned and operated by ColArt International Holdings trading as Letraset Ltd. Registered in England Number 04089358 | VAT number: 541 3941 55| Registered in the UK. Registered Office: ColArt, The Studio Building, 21 Evesham Street, London W11 4AJ

Originally founded in London in 1959, Letraset has been manufacturing and supplying innovative media to the design industry for over 50 years.

When our Dry Transfer Lettering system was first launched in 1961, designers called the process ‘a revolution in the studio’ and Letraset went on to become a household name in the field of commercial design.

Dry Transfers (or ‘Rubdowns’) enabled commercial artists to produce high quality headlines quickly and easily by transferring pre-printed lettersdirectly onto artwork.

This simple to use and efficient system lives on today, and still remains the best way to apply professional lettering by hand.

Tria MarkersWhen computerisation made its huge impact on the design world in the mid 1980s, Letraset continued to adapt, investing in new technology and converting our extensive typeface range into digital format.

Letraset to this day is still actively involved in new typeface development. We invite the submission of designs from any source.

We also went on to develop our range of professional markers for designers, which soon became adopted as an essential studio tool for quick visualisation and concept work.

Craft ApplicationsWith an ongoing commitment to innovation and quality of choice, Letraset has continued to evolve, increasingly recognising the common ground between commercial and amateur design. As a result, we’ve been able to develop our product range in many new and exciting directions, bringing professional standards of quality and performance to the wider creative community.


Today Letraset supplies a broad range of creative media for commercial designers, students, Manga artists, illustrators and crafters.

Our motto is Creative Opportunities and that simply means, whatever your design interest or skill level, we aim to provide all the tools you need to maximise productivity and enhance your creative expression.