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How to use this page
On this page you can setup an import from a comma separated CSV file.

Create an excel spreadsheet with two columns; the first column containing the item code, the second column containing the item quantity. Save the document as a CSV file. Select the 'browse' button to locate your file, next select the 'upload' button to upload your file.


  Our Quick Order Form has been designed to help you order quickly and easily from our catalogue. Simply enter the product code, for example 'PMSPOPP', and a quantity in the boxes below, next click the 'check order button'.

We will then confirm the availability of the items; when you are happy you can add the items to your shopping cart by clicking 'save to cart' and either continue shopping or checkout in the normal way. Any offers, coupons or voucher codes can be viewed or entered at the checkout stage of your purchase.
  Tip: To add single Tria Markers to your order, add an 'M' to the beggining of the reference, for refills, add the prefix 'C'. To add single ProMarkers to your order add 'PMS' followed by the first four letters of the colour name. (NB Check your catalogue for exceptions such as Pastel Blue 'PMSPBLU')